Primark asked Lowe Profero to revisit the UX and design of their website to meet their customer’s latest needs. I was brought in as the sole and lead UX on the project from the initial concepts through to it’s completion. Due to some parts of the website being updated and others remaining untouched, coupled with it being a responsive build, there were some huge challenges that needed to satisfy both customer and business requirements.

We had weekly check-ins with the client where we presented our work, decisions made and the rationale to back them up. UX, design and development worked very collaboratively and in tandem with each other to complete this responsive website.

As the UX work began to wind down, my role evolved into more of a Business Analyst role, where I worked extremely closely with the developers and the clients, ensuring the overall vision of the site was not lost. Ultimately, the project was launched successfully, and the marriage between the old and new areas of the site offered a seamless and beautiful experience regardless of the device it was being viewed on.