Budweiser, the official sponsor of the World Cup 2014 launched a campaign called Rise As One. The premise – to encourage the public to share wonderful stories from around the world that have helped shape football in their communities. Our role – to create a website for multiple markets that allowed them to do exactly that, which’s the launch date would coincide with key milestones before, during and after the World Cup. Being the sole and lead UX designer on this 7 month project it was my responsibility to liaise with the client regularly and ensure the requirements of each market were fulfilled, whilst providing the user with an intuitive experience across the site. Budweiser being an alcohol brand, there were several legalities that also needed to be included, and there were times were the project was at risk of becoming a disjointed, convoluted experience for the user. To say collaboration between team members was crucial would be a massive understatement.

The project was launched in 3 phases, each providing invaluable learnings. Ultimately we created a versatile, responsive, and adaptable solution that would leave a lasting legacy for the brand to re-use across their future major tournament sponsorships.