11 of the best e-commerce checkouts

Speed. Pauses after pressing the buy/confirm payment button are the worst. Delays in loading before that may be enough to damage customer confidence in the whole payment process. No forced registration. Of course, encouraging customers to register is a good idea, but not at the cost of losing potential sales. It’s a proven barrier to […]

Citymapper vs Google Maps

Great comparison between Citymmaper and Google maps and the times a scenario takes to meet user goals. https://medium.com/@zmh/bye-google-maps-ea3ea10f84dc

Dark UX Patterns now illegal

“Hidden costs are now illegal, whether that’s an undeclared subscription, extra shipping charges, or extra items. While the costs are still permissible, failing to advise the customer about them or explain what they are is not. Everything has to be brought out in the open, explained, and clarified before checkout.” http://www.90percentofeverything.com/2014/08/26/some-dark-patterns-now-illegal-in-uk-interview-with-heather-burns/

UX goldmine

An amazing collection of UX resources. Visit http://www.pinterest.com/robertleotta/ and see for yourself!

Great resource for iOS transitions

Beautiful kinetic pattern library that captures iOS animations http://capptivate.co/

Side drawer vs top nav. Good or bad UX?

Whilst I’ve never been a fan of side drawer navigation, I totally understand the importance of using it when there are too many nav elements to contain in a top nav. This article written by Anthony Rose of Zeebox, demonstrates the results of AB testing a side drawer vs a top nav. The results are […]

The future of reading

Suddenly Google Glass and smart-watches just got a lot cooler! Source: http://elitedaily.com/news/technology/this-insane-new-app-will-allow-you-to-read-novels-in-under-90-minutes/

0.67% of page views lead to clicking ‘Share’ buttons

I can’t say I’m surprised. More info here: http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?1852 Gov.uk supplied their insights over a 10 week period https://insidegovuk.blog.gov.uk/2014/02/20/gov-uk-social-sharing-buttons-the-first-10-weeks/


Source: www.uxisnotui.com

The myth of the pagefold

Next time your client wants something above the fold, show them this: http://www.cxpartners.co.uk/cxblog/the_myth_of_the_page_fold_evidence_from_user_testing/ And this: http://uxmyths.com/post/654047943/myth-people-dont-scroll